About Us

WallTech Engineering SRL

WallTech Engineering designs technological coatings in glass, steel, aluminium, stone, composites, etc. for the requested architectural shapes, rationalising the manufacturing process in the plant.

Thanks to two and three-dimensional programmes, we elaborate layouts in order to make the architectural idea of our designers true.

WallTech Engineering SRL
Our Services
  • Architectural design
  • Workshop executive design
  • Installation drawings
  • As built
  • Static and thermal calculation reports
  • Technical consultation
  • Method statements

Our goal is to solve and make tangible components that, as a whole, shape the "skin" of the container with the technologies and materials on the market, whatever the desired geometric shape.

The energy conservation and the benefit from climatic conditions are an integral part of our work, especially in terms of cost recovery of the designed shell.

The durability of products and their maintenance must guarantee the performances for which they were designed in compliance with the regulations of the host country.

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