Our Services

WallTech is partner in the technical design for architectural and executive planning related to the systems of glass facades.

The cooperation with companies/designers is an integral part of our mission for the realisation of the most performing construction shell.

Architectural design for technical approval
Architectural design for technical approval - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • Maps, tables, sections
  • Construction details (also three-dimensional)
  • Details of explanation (use of materials, solutions, etc.)
Workshop executive design
Workshop executive design - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • Orders of materials (optimisations), bill of quantities (pre-order)
  • Lists of cut (glasses, profiles, gaskets, accessories, etc.)
  • Assemblies for the assembly in the plant
Installation drawings
Installation drawings - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • Schemes of components assemblies
  • Sequence of materials installation
As built
As built - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • Drawings of the "how it was built"
Static and thermal calculation reports
Relazioni di calcolo statico e termico - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • Verification of the elements of the facade (glass, profiles, clamp, etc.)
  • Verification of main structures
Technical consultation
Technical consultation - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • Facade systems (cells or pillars-crossbeams)
  • Doors and windows
  • Accessories for doors and windows
  • External coatings (alucobond, stone, steel, aluminium, glass, composites, etc.)
  • Technical solutions for the construction site
Method statements
Method statements - WallTech Engineering SRL
  • declaration of methods employed for the execution of a given work stage (i.e. reglazing)