Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY according to “art.13 del Decreto Legge del 30 giugno 2003 n.196"


WallTech Engineering SRL is actively committed to the protection of personal information pertaining to the client as well as whomever entrusts this information to us. We encourage our users to attentively read the following before committing to our services.

Purpose of processing of information

The processing of personal information will be carried out to:

  • Satisfy user requests obtained from our information collection form;
  • Comply with legal regulations and obligations;
  • Protect WallTech Engineering SRL rights in a court of law;
  • Transmit technical, administrative and commercial information.


With reference to the provision of the Italian Data Protection Authority www.garanteprivacy.it/web/guest/home/docweb/-/docweb-display/docweb/3167231 regarding the use of cookies that will enter into force in June 2015, WallTech Engineering SRL declare that:

  • the website does not use profiling cookies to send targeted advertising messages;
  • third-part cookies are enabled in the website. These cookies are set by a domain other than the one being visited by the user; when entering the website a banner appears and by continuing the navigation (for example accessing another website section or selecting an image or link) the user gives consent to the use of cookies;
  • this website does not use cookies to forward personal data, persistent cookies and session cookies are not used;
  • this website uses Google Universal Analytics service; these cookies are used to generate statistical information concerning the users’ activities when visiting our website.

During navigation on the website cookies stored on your computer are recognized by the website operating system. Cookies used on this website do not collect Personal Data; they keep track of the navigation activity and remember information entered during navigation with the purpose of optimizing your visit on our website as we do not ask you the same information in case you have to fill in forms in the website.

If you do not wish to accept cookies or want to delete those that are already on your computer, you can follow the instructions provided by your browser (usually selecting the Options/privacy section from the menu bar). By deleting or disabling cookies some navigation functions can be affected or limited.

Method of processing of information

Information will be mainly processed with electronic and informatic devices, and recorded on data storage equipment as well as on paper and any other suitable means, adhering to the minimum level of protection according to the specific technical standard (“Disciplinare Tecnico, attachment B of Codice della Privacy”).


All information as required by us is essential.

Consequences of information refusal

If all the information as required by our information collection form is not provided, the user will not receive the requested services.

Individuals who could have the right of access to personal information

Personal information related to the method of processing in question can be provided to individuals who are recognised by law according to secondary and/or European standards, to have the right of access to such information.

User's rights

With respect to the processing of his personal information according to “art. 7 (Diritto di accesso ai dati personali ed altri diritti) of Codice della Privacy”:

  • The user has the right to request confirmation of the existence of any personal information held about him, even if not registered, such confirmation to be communicated to him in an intelligible format.
  • The user has the right to be informed of:
    • a) The origin of such personal information;
    • b) The purpose and methods of processing of such personal information;
    • c) The processing logic applied in the case of processing such personal information with electronic and informatic devices;
    • d) The personal information of the owner, and his designated representative according to “art. 5, comma 2”;
    • e) Subject categories under which such personal information can be communicated to or come to the attention of appointed representatives of the State as well as management as assigned.
  • The client has the right to:
    • a) Updates to, ratification of, and when requested, additions to such personal information;
    • b) The cancellation of, the transforming into an anonymous format, or the blocking of such processed personal information that violates the law, including information pertaining to the subject for which it was collected and processed, that doesn’t have to be recorded;
    • c) The certification that operations for which letters a) and b) were made known, as well as their content, the motive why the information has been communicated, except for the cases in which all these operations are impossible or take an effort more than the protective rights.
  • The client has the right to oppose, either partially or totally:
    • a) With a valid reason, the processing of any personal information pertaining to him, if the information is pertinent to the scope of the collection;
    • b) The providing of any such personal information for the purpose of advertising material, direct sales, or market research for commercial reasons.

The entity in charge of the processing of the information is:

The legal representative of: WallTech Engineering SRL - P.IVA 04806170264 - Tel. +39 0438 1892161, e-mail: g.baccichet@walltech.tv
In order to exercise the abovementioned rights according to “art. 7 of Codice della Privacy” the client shall provide a written request addressed to WallTech Engineering SRL - Via G. Pastore, 58 - 31029 Vittorio Veneto (TV) Italy, Tel. +39 0438 1892161 email: g.baccichet@walltech.tv