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    to satisfy modern
    Flexibility as a
    strategy to create
    architectural shells
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    the most performing
    technical solutions
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WallTech Engineering SRL

WallTech Engineering SRL proposes itself as a design studio in the sector of shells and technological coating for contemporary construction industry. It is characterised by the twenty five-year experience in the design of large surfaces using technologically advanced materials of great architectural impact in the civil and naval sector.

The main strategic goal is to guarantee an efficient and proficient service to clients through an on-going comparison with the innovations that are present on the market. The flexibility of the team of work allows facing the subject matters of modern architecture of the innovation and recovery of buildings with an eye to the standardisation of the manufacturing process of the company.

Multi-storey buildings, airports, exhibition halls, naval equipment, headquarters, residential areas, etc. are only few examples of interventions that identify the skills of our studio. Geographically, the interventions have been carried out in Italy and abroad, such as UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Kazakhstan, USA, Australia, Northern Africa, etc. WallTech carries out its activities of design and coordination in the headquarter of Vittorio Veneto (TV).

WallTech Engineering SRL
Our Services

WallTech is partner in the technical design for architectural and executive planning related to the systems of glass facades.

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